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Podcast: The Social Psychology of Relationships by Professor Ray Miller

This is a podcast of Professor Ray Miller talking about the social psychology of relationships.  This is the fifth in a series of talks given by Ray at the Ragged University events.

When people talk about relationships, they are often thinking about those interpersonal interactions that characterise our experiences of love and emotion. Relationships are the stuff of fascination, whether it is the search for the perfect partner, the compatibility of personality or horoscope profiles or the headlines about the latest Hollywood make or break-up. But relationships are far more than that: Read more

Collaboration and Distinguishing the Selfish from Self Interest

Something which seems to be a repeating query over time is the question of altruism and whether it genuinely exists as a function of humans…

The popularity of questioning the idea of doing something which is good for the sake of it is more common than I expected.  I wonder if part of it is a fashion which emerges from a trendy post modern ability to criticise even the actions which have positive outward effects in an attempt to be intellectual or if it is a side effect of the philosophy of Objectivism which has permeated Western culture since Ayn Rand wrote her famous book ‘The Virtue of Selfishness’. Here she introduces her concept: Read more