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    Discussion group with Terence Sawyers exploring film theory after a film Read More...

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Call For Participants by James Clegg: Seeking people interested in talking about someone who has influenced them. Taking the form of a five minute presentation based upon a visual aid, such as a photograph or drawing, the presentation should emphasise the knowledge that person passed on to you and can be based upon a personal relation or a famous individual who has inspired you... Read More...

James has chosen to speak about Alice Neel... Read More....

17th August 2016 Edinburgh: Come along to the from 6-8pm and take part in the evening at the Talbot Rice Gallery, where James will be guiding the event where lots of people will share their thoughts on who has influenced them… Read More....

All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !


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12th Sept 2013: Digital Culture, Mindfulness and Existential Threat by Nadine Andrews

digital culture

Manchester Ragged University invites you to come along to the Castle Hotel for some food and a talk with Nadine

Name of speaker and subject:

Nadine Andrews

Title of talk:

Digital culture, mindfulness and existential threat

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

•    The technoscience project of modernity: notion of no limits and dominance over nature
•    Human-nature relationship: the Anthropocene age
•    Gadgets – mindfulness and mindlessness and perceptions of permanence
•    (Dis)regulation and (dis)harmony

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