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  • Jacob Jordaens depiction of Odysseus escaping from the cave of Polyphemus (1635)
    Action Research: Outputs, Outcomes and the Political Setting

  • A Personal Account of Poverty in the United Kingdom: Entrenched Difficulty and Tenacious Myths by Alex Dunedin

  • Future cities
    Green Spaces And The ‘Good’ Citizen by Susan Brown

  • Healthy Mind Imagery
    ‘Future Shock’: The Crisis of Relationships Between Body, Mind and Environment by Anne Fernie

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Next Ragged University Events:

16th December Edinburgh: Come along to the St John’s Church Hall (Princes St, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ) at 5.30pm for two talks, a bite to eat and some company. The two talks for the evening are 'Civil War; Ranters, Quakers and Revolution' by Richard Gunn - plus - 'Loneliness and Social Isolation' by Alex Dunedin. The event is free and open to all.... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

All events are recorded to enable a podcast for those who cannot leave their houses, those who cannot make it, and to create an free online resource for anyone to tap into

Truly The Substance of Contentment by David Seagrave

Devereux was a self reliant bachelor who had retired from his position with Durcaster Borough Council. He lived in a charming period cottage with a huge garden built long before Miriamsfield was swallowed up in Greater Durcaster. He awoke to Phantom Limb Pain and recalled that it was the 40th anniversary of an accident when as a young man he had set off from Durcaster to Swineherdsford on a frosty February night and been hit bya drunken motorist. He had a hot bath and the pain abated He had to see about his broken kitchen window which faced the local primary school Read more

The Democratic Intellect was recommended by Richard Gunn

As part of the Ragged Library, Richard Gunn – a recently retired lecturer on political theory at the University of Edinburgh suggested ‘The Democratic Intellect: Scotland and Her Universities in the Nineteenth Century (Edinburgh University Press 1961 and – more recently – 2013’…
Davie’s book (published in 1961) opened a window on Scottish thought from the eighteenth century onwards; in addition, it brought a then-neglected philosophy into view.The philosophy was that of ‘common sense’, and Davie underlined the significance of common sense in the history of Scottish education.