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    Scientific Method

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    Bronchial Asthma and Atopy: A Concorded Hypothesis by Alex Dunedin

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    Hypothesis, Theory, Model and Law

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    The Traditional, the Contemporary and Orthodoxy

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All events are recorded to enable a podcast for those who cannot leave their houses, those who cannot make it, and to create an free online resource for anyone to tap into

Mad World: An Exhibition on Sane People in Insane Situations

From individuals interred for their homosexuality, to women who wanted divorces; from teenagers who wanted to write for a living, to malnutrition – discover the history and explore if you can logically spot madness.

Art Exhibition at St Margaret’s House From 27th May to 21st June

Edinburgh: 29th May: Mad World Art Exhibition Opening

Come along and to an art exhibition which is to challenge the world to discover the insane. The concept of ‘madness’ has been a part of human society for arguably millennia, many places – times – and peoples have shaped how we perceive ‘mental health’. Now, in the UK and western world, the dominant perspective is one which medicalizes behaviour, and the medical world has become the overriding voice which gets to speak about what meanings are attributed to these phenomena, and what they represent. Read more

Is Education Becoming Infected With Money by Alex Dunedin

In this article I want to plot out an argument that the instrumental effect of financialising areas of public value is a destructive force in our society, and that education is becoming ‘infected with money’. By this, I mean that the managerialism of putting finance at the heart of areas of life which are not profit driven is altering the fundamental nature of how people engage with institutions such as education.

We now find ourselves in an age where finance takes us into a neo-feudal system of administrative superstructures which come to govern every aspect of our lives. The managerialism which accompanies the finance brings endless bureaucracies of ever increasing outcomes and measurements, tendering processes, decreasing budgets, loss of agency and top down policy imposition. In corporate administrative workplaces, as Iris Marion Young puts it, “If people have decision making power, it is generally over others’ actions rather than their own” [1]. Read more