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8st December Edinburgh: Come for lunch to discuss what it is exhibitions can do with artist Rob Kennedy. Open to all, Rob invites you to come to Talbot Rice Gallery for a late lunch (2 -4pm) and to discuss the exhibition he has created, 'acts of dis play': Click To Read More

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Experiences of Food Poverty: Results and Discussion by Samuel Lindskog

Eight out of nine participants interviewed were unable to “acquire or eat an adequate quality of sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways” (Dowler and O’Connor 2011:44) or were worried about not being able to do so. All participants attributed this to growing gap between incomes and expenses(BHFP 2012b: 3-4: Family Action:3; Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam 2013:3; Dowler 1998:59), with other factors further compounding the problem.

This chapter will first deal briefly with securing an income, some techniques for mitigating and coping with food poverty (Dowler 1998:59; Holmes 2007:201; Caraher, Lang and Carr-Hill 1998:195) and with getting help (Hamelin 2002; Lambie-Mumford 2013a:85) to fill the gap left between the two. Read more