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  • A Personal Account of Poverty in the United Kingdom: Entrenched Difficulty and Tenacious Myths by Alex Dunedin

  • Utopia
    Education, Utopia, Necessity, and Existential Poverty by Alex Dunedin

  • Jacob Jordaens depiction of Odysseus escaping from the cave of Polyphemus (1635)
    Action Research: Outputs, Outcomes and the Political Setting

  • foodbank
    Experiences of Food Poverty in Brighton and Hove by Samuel Lindskog

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Next Ragged University Events:

16th December Edinburgh: Come along to the St John’s Church Hall (Princes St, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ) at 5.30pm for two talks, a bite to eat and some company. The two talks for the evening are 'Civil War; Ranters, Quakers and Revolution' by Richard Gunn - plus - 'Loneliness and Social Isolation' by Alex Dunedin. The event is free and open to all.... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

All events are recorded to enable a podcast for those who cannot leave their houses, those who cannot make it, and to create an free online resource for anyone to tap into

Podcast: Dyslexia in Post Industrial Manchester by Roger Broadbent

This is a recording of the talk given by Roger Broadbent in Manchester as part of the Ragged University project.  Dyslexia is a much misunderstood and ignored condition, and this leads to many people being marginalized and forced to the perifery of society.  The screening for dyslexia is almost entirely missing in Manchester leading to swollen prison populations due the disenfranchisement of individuals through a bureaucratic society.

Roger explores how the condition has been wholly dismissed by some politidans leading to a culture of ignorance in policy terms.  Roger works in learning support which is coming under further funding cuts at the moment.  These are his views on his work and how people with dyslexia should be supported Read more

What Every Woman Knows: Society By Gas Light

In their bedroom, Gregory becomes impatient and humiliates his wife about making a spectacle of herself in public:

  • Gregory: I’ve tried so hard to keep it within these walls – in my own house. Now, because you would go out tonight, the whole of London knows it. If I could only get inside that brain of yours and understand what makes you do these crazy, twisted things.
  • Paula: Gregory, are you trying to tell me I’m insane? Read more