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    Education as Human Development

    Downloadable document framing education in terms of human development:

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Next Ragged University Events:

Ragged University activities have been in hiatus during the public health crisis due and the sheer amount of chaos ensuing from the disruptions to everyones lives. Our thoughts are with those who have had their health affected by the epidemic; mental and physical. Loneliness and isolation are serious matters. For an informative and well informed panel discussion on Covid-19 matters have a look at The Independent SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) group broadcasts on Youtube)


As the shutters are tentatively taken from the windows in preparation for happier times, we look forward to thinking through what activities can be put together. Whilst there is a website, the idea of re-casting things in the digital is not the panacea it is being suggested as rather a lot of people are 'digital have nots'; Prof Virginia Eubanks' work illustrates the problems well both in (Digital Deadend) and (Automating Inequality). Meantime, please do get in touch and write something for the website. Stay safe.


If you are interested in writing an article for the website, please get in touch via the contact page

POSTPONED UNTIL A LATER DATE: 26th March 2020 Edinburgh: Come along to the Safari Lounge (21 Cadzow Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5SN) at 6pm for the next event in a series on Truth and Philosophy by Tina Röck... Click Here For Details

All events are recorded to enable a podcast for those who cannot leave their houses, those who cannot make it, and to create an free online resource for anyone to tap into

In Place of Pay Inequality: By Benjamin Irvine

This study was written by Benjamin Irvine for Steady State Manchester and Equality North-West. It investigates the pay policies of Local Authorities in the North West. The objectives are to scrutinise the basis of Local Authorities’ pay policies and to encourage them to implement stronger policies to reduce pay inequality within their workforce and within that of their suppliers.

The full title of the study is ‘In Place of Pay Inequality: How Local Authority Pay Policies can help make Greater Manchester more equal and sustainable, and why it matters’ By Benjamin Irvine, and can be found on the Steady State Manchester website:

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