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    Feel socially isolated and lonely ? Want to be involved in a project tackling these issues ? Read More...

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Next Ragged University Event:

Edinburgh 26th January: Come along to Cabaret Voltaire at 6.30pm for a talk, a bite to eat and a masterclass on the Myths of Attraction by Mairi Macleod...

All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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Interested in non judgemental discourse methods for supporting cooperative development ? Read more at:

Great Educator: Socrates

“You, who are the father of letters have been led by your affection to ascribe to them a power the opposite of that which they really possess…. You have invented an elixor not of memory, but of reminding, and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, for they will read many things without instruction and will therefore seem to know many things, when they are for the most part ignorant.” Socrates Read more

Barriers to Participation in an Economy: Monopoly, Bureaucracy and Opportunity

It is important to distinguish the notion of poverty as capability inadequacy from that of poverty as lowness of income. The two perspectives are related, since income is an important means to capabilities. Enhanced capabilities in leading a life tend, to expand a person’s ability to be more productive and earn a higher income, also improvement of a person’s capabilities lends to greater earning power.

The development of capabilities can be particularly important for the removal of income poverty. Better basic education and health care improve the quality of life directly and they also increase a person’s ability to earn an income and be free of income poverty. The more inclusive the reach of basic education and health care, the more likely it is that the poor overcome a life tied to poverty. Read more

Imagining Europe: Reclaiming Public Space; Democratic Practices Reinvented

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) invited people and communities to submit “innovative, daring idea’s” for cross-sectoral collaboration which engages Europeans in re-defining and shaping “public space”. I was informed about this and told that Ragged should be put forward as a project.

The call has been put out to individuals, collectives or organisations working in the arts and cultural sector as well as in other fields and sectors of society including academic & educational, environmental, trade & industry, health & social care, human rights etc. Applicants can represent the private, public or social sector, and they should be based or active in wider Europe. Read more