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Next Ragged University Event:

23rd Feb 2017: Come along to Cabaret Voltaire (36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR), doors open at 6.30pm and film starts at 7pm. After the film a discussion about the benefits reforms and issues associated with poverty will take place with a guest speaker: Read More....

Edinburgh events are the last Thursday of each month at Cabaret Voltaire, doors open at 6.30pm, talk starts at 7pm... Details to follow

All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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Education and It’s Relationship With Change

“The challenges of ensuring that we pass on a world fit to live in (from an environmental perspective) will require, arguably, significant transformations in the ways in which we live. To what extent can government facilitate those changes through its current systems/structures?” Susan Brown, University of Manchester

Change is ubiquitous and relentless, forcing itself on us at each turn. The secret of growth and development is learning how to contend with forces of change using methodologies which turn positive forces to our advantage, while blunting negative ones.  The future of the world is a learning future; one were learning is synonymous with adaptation and evolution. Read more

Great Educator: Andrew Bell 1753 to 1832

Andrew Bell (1753 to 1832) was a Scottish Anglican priest and educationalist Founder of the Madras system of education (also known as “the monitorial system”) in schools and was the founder of Madras College, a secondary school in St. Andrews. Born 27 March 1753, he was the second son of a barber in St Andrews where a college in the university is still named after him to this day  Madras College.

His father was well educated and of great mechanical ingenuity, and known for being a good chess player.  His mother was the descendant of a Dutchman who came over with William III.  His mother came to an unfortunate end and died by her own hand.  Bell is said to have inherited a quick temper and a good deal of eccentricity. Read more