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    Cooperative Development

    Interested in non judgemental discourse methods for development ?

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Next Ragged University Events:

Welcome to 2018. Ragged University is now open to suggestions. At the moment we are arranging all the behind the scenes things like organising venues and finding people who want to share their knowledge through a talk or activity. If you are interested to be involved in this seasons events please get in touch via the contact page. The events will be beginning around the end of March. Watch this space for more news. Cheers...

People are welcome to guest blog

Experiences of Food Poverty: Methods of Study by Samuel Lindskog

This inductive (Bryman 2012:8,12,111) research project was based on nine in-depth and unstructured interviews carried out between February and May 2014, resulting in rich (Charmaz 2006:10) qualitative data. Seven of the interviews were transcribed verbatim, one was lost due to the audio file being corrupted and another was excluded as the participant was deemed to not have experienced food poverty. Read more

Free Text Prediction App for Edinburgh Festival by Dr Tim Willis

A new free word prediction app from Edinburgh-based Flexpansion Ltd helps Edinburgh Festival-goers type much quicker on Android devices while visiting the city.

Flexpansion Edinburgh Festivals edition comes preloaded with relevant vocabulary and language patterns including the names of key streets, venues, shows and artists, so for example users need only type “Pl” then Space to type “Pleasance” and are then offered “Courtyard”, “Dome”, “Above” etc. to tap and insert. Read more

The Monthlies; Project Naked by Hannah Mackay Tait

For five years, Project Naked has been running a blog ( sharing stories from women and non-binary people about their experiences with their bodies. We wanted to change the conversation around bodies and give voice to people’s diverse experiences of their bodies – not just to promote body positivity, but to listen and to encourage open expression of people’s true thoughts and feelings about the bodies they inhabit. Read more