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    Cooperative Development

    Interested in non judgemental discourse methods for development ?

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Next Ragged University Events:

Well, another year is drawing to it's winter solstice and Ragged University events are packed down for the year. December is so busy for everyone that we focus on what matters - being with people and learning through them through our relationships.

So feet up, keep warm, and all the best for the returning of the light - Winter Solstice - when once again our journey around the sun allows the days to get longer and the shadows shorter. The first months of next year we take to organise the events for the rest of the year.

Thanks everyone for sharing and taking part; get in touch if there is anything which you want to share via the website, and we hope to see you healthy and happy in 2018

People are welcome to guest blog

Do Open Educational Resources Increase Efficiency

One of the questions people often ask about Open Educational Resources is “do they really increase efficiency?”

Creative Commons has worked with many OER innovators, and their stories indicate that it does. We thought it would be useful to gather pointers to some of these examples. Please read on, and leave a comment with other great examples of how CC-enabled OER can increase efficiency for teachers, students and selflearners. Note of course that increasing efficiency is only one benefit of OER.

Read more

Podcast: Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation

Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation. She worked at the Worcester College of Higher Education and the Universities of Keele, York, Lancaster and Manchester before joining the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths. She has also worked in the areas of Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies as well as Sociology.

Her research interests look at the issue of value and values. How do we know what value and values are? What do they do? The study of value/s has led her through issues of respectability in class and gender formation, an exploration of symbolic value through media and cultural formations.  She uses feminist and post structuralist theory, Pierre Bourdieu and the economic abstractions of Marx, to help unpick these issues. Read more

Life-long Learning Without Life-long Debt By Gary Saunders and Ali Ghanimi

From Edinburgh to Brighton; Britain’s free, alternative higher education network offers life-long learning without life-long debt By Gary Saunders and Ali Ghanimi.  In response to the introduction of increased tuition fees and the withdrawal of direct funding to the arts, humanities and social sciences in universities; a new generation of cooperative and non-fee-charging organisations, which offer free higher education, has emerged across Britain.

Rising up out of the ruins of what the ‘idea of the University’ has become, they are part of a growing global movement against the commodification of knowledge and hope to create a space for people to think about and experiment with alternative models of higher education. Read more