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  • Dr Tuppy Owens
    An Interview With Dr Tuppy Owens; Human capabilities and supporting disabled people with their sexual lives

  • Poverty in the UK
    Experiences of Food Poverty: Results and Discussion by Samuel Lindskog

  • Glenn Liddall
    An Intelligent Way of Working: People Know How by Alex Dunedin

  • Government Report on Elitist Britain
    Justice Through The Looking Glass: Class and the Corruption of Law by Unsound Robin

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All events are recorded to enable a podcast for those who cannot leave their houses, those who cannot make it, and to create an free online resource for anyone to tap into

Ragged University: ‘Something For Nothing’ by Don Ledingham

The notion of getting ‘something for nothing’ doesn’t sit well with those of us of a lapsed Scottish Presbyterian background. Yet that is exactly what I received yesterday from Alex Dunedin and left feeling very pleased with myself.

So is this Dunedin chap some sort of marketing genius who would be better suited to selling dodgy towels at an open market?  The simple answer is – absolutely not –  for I found myself purchasing twenty ‘None’ Pound notes from Alex in order to invest in the Ragged University concept.

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Corporate MOTing: Hints and Tips on Interpreting Business Reportage Part Three: SWOTS, PESTS, and CSR by Doreen Soutar

So welcome to part three. A quick recap on the first two parts: if you get a hold of the annual accounts of any given company, it can tell you a fair bit about what the company is like. We can make a stab at telling how the senior executive team wants the reader to view the company, and how the company makes their money. Read more