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    Feel socially isolated and lonely ? Want to be involved in a project tackling these issues ? Read More...

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    Join the Meetup events newsletter and get informed about upcoming events Sign Up...

Next Ragged University Event:

Edinburgh 26th January: Come along to Cabaret Voltaire at 6.30pm for a talk, a bite to eat and a masterclass on the Myths of Attraction by Mairi Macleod...

All Events Are Free And Open To Everyone - no booking required !

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Interested in non judgemental discourse methods for supporting cooperative development ? Read more at:

Educational History: The Democratic Intellect; Scotland's Pedagogical Tradition

Scotland’s history in education is much tied to it’s culture. The methodical and logical approach of Scotland’s Parliament House looked to Roman and Continental law which was out of line with the inherited English practice.

Even more alien to England was an education system which combined the democracy of the Kirk elders with the intellectualism of the advocates. This made expertise in metaphysics a condition of the open door of social advancement. Read more

Putting Ragged Music Into Action

The Ragged project has been formed of the people who have got involved, bringing their ideas, wants and needs to be realised over time, in and through a like-minded community.

At one point four musicians asked where music fitted with the project and they were told that it would fit wherever and however they made it fit.  The result was the groundwork of Ragged Music which was particularly headed up by Dan Zambas and Gary Boast. Read more