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Next Ragged University Events:

24th Sept Edinburgh: Come along to the Talbot Rice Gallery (The University of Edinburgh, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL) at 11am for a talk by James on Lucy Skaer’s art and a leisurely lunch kindly provided by the Talbot Rice Gallery. The event is open to all and a chance to hear thoughts in relation to the art which he helps curate... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

13th Oct Edinburgh: Come along to St John’s Church Community Hall (Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ), doors open at 2pm and the event starts from 2.30pm. Come along for a bite of food, a film screening and discussion on 'Prison and Dehumanisation; Film Screening and Talks on Crime, Prison and Us'… CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Explore by Light by Tim Aikman

With an active interest in returning to Uganda, I often find myself being asked why I want to go – a question which seems to be asked with scepticism and curiosity!  Although my previous reasons have been for either tourism or work, with the touristic element thus far has been for the wildlife and with previous work being aimed towards conservation, I have been increasingly interested in the people I encounter.

This being said, when I was recently asked to explain what I am going to be doing during the forthcoming “expedition”, which has been given the name Explore by Light: Uganda, I was left with another question of wondering just how can I answer in a manner which is both informative and succinct. Read more

The Rough Etiquette of Ragged University

Ragged University is an open community of individuals who are interested in sharing and learning. The events are put on by coordinators who are there to facilitate.  Coordinators are not gatekeepers or overseers of ‘quality control, they are not authorities in the public spaces which the Ragged University events occur.  They are there to enable those who want to share their knowledge and passion and to work to try and make sure that everyone in the room, space or event is comfortable and happy.

An event is only a Ragged University event if it takes place outside of a formal, institutional or corporate space.  The venues and spaces which are chosen for Ragged University events Professor Ray Oldenburg describes as “Third Places”. These are public spaces which are negotiated and renegotiated by everyone who is within them; they are informal. Examples are pubs, cafes, parks and libraries. Read more

Embedding Sustainability Across The Curriculum: University of Manchester Community of Practice

As the realisation sets in across the globe that we can no longer afford to be wasteful in the way we live, the question is recurring as to what ways of life we transition to and how.  This is common sense, and the multi-disciplinary study of sustainability is the form that common sense is taking in academic circles. As we are well aware, the problems which we are facing are global ones, where the sheer and vast numbers of human beings living on the planet now do not tally with the natural resources which are available on the earth.  Read more

Inclusive Education and the Dialogue of Learning

I have been thinking about the nature of education and having been familiar with the noble aspects of this tenet of human society, I have not thought much about the negatives which it can manifest as. Francis Bacon is often attributed with having said ‘Knowledge is Power’. Regardless of who first said this, what is obvious is that it has become common currency as a phrase.

There are various ways in which this can be interpreted but one I like, which is not so commonly encountered is ‘Knowledge is only power when it is shared’. It was Francis Benton who told me this when she kindly consulted on the Ragged project at its inception.

Read more