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Prof Peter Beresford Introduces Studies in Mad Matters

On Thursday 24 October 2013 at 7.00pm Peter Beresford introduced Mad Matters at the 17th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair. This is a podcast of his talk:

Book Fair

Peter Beresford, a long term mental health service user and survivor, introduces Mad Matters which offers a twenty-first-century view of madness and distress, and discusses how we can move from stigma to first hand experience to develop new social understandings to challenge our emotional difficulties and distress in a maddening world. He is the author of many publications on social and community care and inclusion.

The book his is introducing (Mad Matters) is a reality check.  Bringing together a collection of critiques on psychiatric practices which occur to the individual as negative and destructive. It is a resource for reforming perspectives and important for people who suffer from the psychiatric world as much as for all professionals working in ‘mental health’.

The issues covered in the book can be applied anywhere in the world where the bio-medical model is the dominant paradigm. This marks the emerging of a field of social and ethical study championed and pioneered by many, but here it is a demonstration of the strong critical psychiatry movement in Canada.  As a culture which has pioneered emancipation of this discourse, Canada also delivered the first degree course on ‘Mad Studies’ which takes the perspective of the person receiving the attentions of the clinician rather than the clinician itself.

Professor Peter Beresford talks about Mad Matters by Raggeduniversity on Mixcloud


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