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    The Steady State Economy

    How Can Education Help To Shape A Steady State Culture ? A Discussion Paper

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    Education as Human Development

    Downloadable document framing education in terms of human development:

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    Crime, Punishment and Faith in Change

    Podcast exploring the issues of crime, punishment and concepts of rehabilitation

Ragged University in Reseach Stage

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Public Ragged University activities are in hiatus until the public health crisis is long behind us. Our thoughts are with those who have had their health affected by the epidemic; mental and physical. Loneliness and isolation are stressful for a social species like ours. Once past this moment in history it will be an important pleasure to re-establish the everyday stuff of life, of meeting and sharing in spaces without concerns of infectious disease particularly for those who have weakened immune systems.


We are set with our eyes to the horizon and do what we can to humanize the small exchanges which texture life; someday not too far off we will be more at liberty to meet up again. In the meantime this Ragged University project has moved into a research and development phase focusing on the publishing of authors and the mapping of ideas.


The digital world is virtual and like looking at a photograph of an apple, there is not the possibility of nutrition but the stimulation of hunger. This is why we've not moved events and activities online (amongst others). The body of Ragged University activities are in the actual and face to face. Publishing however is a different thing so the website is open for all who share the values of the project and who want to share something in a rewilded commons.


Please get in touch if you'd like to publish something - there are no editors, only authors; please do not get in touch if it is involves anything commercial - this space is being keep free of the distortionary effects of finance, marketing and advertising as best as possible.

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Alex - The Janitor