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    The Steady State Economy

    How Can Education Help To Shape A Steady State Culture ? A Discussion Paper

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    Education as Human Development

    Downloadable document framing education in terms of human development:

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    Crime, Punishment and Faith in Change

    Podcast exploring the issues of crime, punishment and concepts of rehabilitation

Ragged University in Reseach Stage

Public Ragged University activities are in hiatus until the public health crisis is long behind us. Our thoughts are with those who have had their health affected by the epidemic; mental and physical. Loneliness and isolation are stressful for a social species like ours. We are set with our eyes to the horizon and do what we can to humanize the small exchanges which texture life; someday we will be more at liberty to meet up again. In the meantime this Ragged University project has moved into a research and development phase focusing on the publishing of authors and the mapping of ideas. Please get in touch if you'd like to publish something; please do not get in touch if it is involves anything commercial - The Janitor

Podcast: Joan Mowat Talks About Integrating Values in Education

This podcast is of the keynote address which Joan gave at the Values and Education conference at Moray House, Edinburgh on 20–21st November 2014. She explores where values sit in education and how values teaching can feature in the learning which goes on.  Starting with a view of working from within silos, we can overcomplicate working together.

She explores the implications of taking values education into the classroom. Having spent a good stretch of her career teaching in impoverished areas, her views are grounded in a background of practice as well as the academic research side.  Part of her research was to explore how children develop a moral compass. Read more

1964 Edinburgh Settlement’s Bold Social Service Plans

Two ambitious and challenging proposals, involving large-scale community development at home and abroad, are now being considered by Edinburgh University Settlement. They could revolutionise the whole scope of social service in the Scottish Universities.

The first proposal is to set up a settlement for social service along Edinburgh lines at Baroda, in the state of Gujarat in India.  There the university is already taking part in a unique experiment by exporting a medical faculty to establish the same teaching techniques in medical education as are offered in Edinburgh with its illustrious tradition.

Read more