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Critical apprenticeships: The Wrights and the Wrongs of Passage

We live in a time when the meaning of language in policyland has become so eroded that a collective sense of confusion raises its head when words like ‘apprenticeship’ are thrown about. It seems that there is a common puzzlement now as to what it means in practice…. We have heard a great deal about […] Read more

Action Research: Deadweight Cost and Meaningful Work

What follows is the next part of my action research project analysing the effect of metrics and bureaucracies impacting on the people involved in giving support to those who need forms of help with various aspects of living.

Education, The Way to Rehabilitation by Mark Humphries

Prison can raise many images in our minds. While you might not have given prisons a great deal of thought, I can assure you that when you hear about them on the news, or read about them in your newspaper an image or two appears in you mind. It might be that you see Ronnie […] Read more