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The Benefits of Seed Banking, and Seed Conservation in Action in Islands of the Mediterranean Basin by Sarah Hansen

Plants play a critical role in maintaining life on this planet. They sit at the base of the trophic pyramid, providing food all the way up the chain to humans at the top. They provide services such as climate regulation and flood defence. They contribute to soil formation and nutrient cycling, and they provide us with shelter, medicines and fuel.

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Podcast: Lets Talk About Population Baby! By Brian Chrystal

Humanity at present is like lemmings preening there fur coats before going over the cliff, but we are taking many other species with us. David Attenborough has stated that he can think of no environmental problem that would be easier to solve with fewer people. The difference we can make is the difference between 8 billion and 10 billion but we can only do this by facing up to the problem and braking the taboo of talking about it. We do not need coercion, set limits or eugenics but we do need to talk. Read more

The Importance of Biodiversity and the role of Biodiversity Partnerships by Dennis Dick

Biodiversity is very dry word and can be quite intimidating to many people. The outgoing Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Government agency responsible for the environment, reputedly claimed it was not a word in his lexicon…

Yet primary school children seemed able to get a good grasp of what it means. It is a vitally important topic and it is essential that people understand why. There can be no economy, no social fabric, indeed no life for humans at all without it.

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Podcast: Demian Natakhan Talks About Scepticism And Climate Change

Here Demian talks at Ragged University in this podcast of his talk on climate change and scepticism.  As per usual, some food was shared and music offered up by local musicians…

Demian Natakhan is a renewable energy consultant with a vested interest in knowing the truth about climate change. Scepticism is widespread in many first world countries over whether the basics of climate change science are ‘true’ and whether humans are really causing it.

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Living a Less Toxic life by Faith Canter

We all know deep down that a lot of what we do, use and surround ourselves with these days is pretty toxic, not just to ourselves but to the environment as well.  But are you aware of the extent of this toxicity, how it affects our health, wellbeing, mental state of mind and how easy it is to make changes that could have drastic and positive effects?

In this article I’m going to talk you though all of these and prove to you it can be an easy and cheap transition to better health and a better environment, for you, your family and the planet as a whole.

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