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Living a Less Toxic life by Faith Canter

We all know deep down that a lot of what we do, use and surround ourselves with these days is pretty toxic, not just to ourselves but to the environment as well.  But are you aware of the extent of this toxicity, how it affects our health, wellbeing, mental state of mind and how easy it is to make changes that could have drastic and positive effects?

In this article I’m going to talk you though all of these and prove to you it can be an easy and cheap transition to better health and a better environment, for you, your family and the planet as a whole.

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Palm Oil: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly! by Faith Canter

These days most people have heard of palm oil, even if it’s just to know that it’s an ingredient in food and beauty products.  However, most people won’t know that this is only scratching the surface and that palm oil production is one of the largest businesses in the world.  This then becomes a real concern when you hear about what goes into producing the palm oil you eat, use on your body and also as fuel – we use it almost every single day without even realising it.

Palm oil has been getting an incredibly bad name for itself in recent years and in my opinion rightly so.   This product we use so freely is an ecological disaster, from before the palms have been planted right through to after the palms have died.  Here I will tell you a little more about the stages of palm oil production and what this really means to our Planet.

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Responding to Climate Change Scepticism by Demian Natakhan

After offering to give a talk in Edinburgh’s Ragged University programme,  I have been invited by Ragged to prepare this article on my topic.  The perspective I approach climate change is as engineer asking a simple question: is it a fixable problem?

If we (human society) know which of our activities are causing a problem, then we have means to fix it simply by changing those activities. If the unchecked situation is likely to cause impacts which we really don’t want, then we have ample motivation to make even big changes because that is in our best interests.

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