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N Acetyl Cysteine in Problem Drug Use and Psychiatric Treatments: A Verbatim Science Method

This article explores n-acetyl cysteine as a therapeutic and continues the exploration of scientific method and research techniques available to us all which help us establish whether knowledge is increasingly reliable or decreasingly reliable.  The professionalisation and financialisation of various aspects of life brings with it pros and cons.  As science and medicine become increasingly politicised, it seems a vital part of culture to ensure the demystification of these fields so that everyone can gain from the agency to make up their own mind on issues which are relevant to them. Read more

Exploratory Study: Vitamin D and COVID 19 – Evidence for Prevention and Treatment

This is an exploratory study based on the work that Professor Roger Seheult MD has shared through his Med Cram bulletin and Dr John Campbell.  It can be viewed as an exercise in investigatory method and exploratory study exploring what underlying biochemical mechanisms might offer accounts of the therapeutic observations which Prof Seheult and Dr Cambell are discussing. Read more

The City of Thieves: A Digest and Perversion of R. D. Laing

What follows after the prelude is a digest of the work of R. D Laing, ‘The Politics Of Experience’.  Laing made valuable contributions to critical thinking in fearless appraisals of institutions that have become sacred cows.  The untouchableness of the medical institution approaches the untouchableness of the family, and precisely because of these untouchable status major problems arise within them and from people acting out roles of them. Read more