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Personal Wealth by Julia Macintosh

So on Friday, I finally met up with Alex here at Ragged University. We talked about this and that, swapped ideas and leads, and toasted pints of water to the innate goodness of humanity. We also discovered in our conversational meanderings that the Ragged Project and Personal Wealth are kindred spirits.

Personal Wealth is the social enterprise recently established by myself and my friend and colleague Nina. Our founding belief is that every person possesses unrecognised and untapped personal wealth – their strengths, their gifts, their knowledge and skills and experiences and insights and ideas and innate goodness. Far too often we are prevented from using and sharing what we have to contribute. Nina and I want to help people find ways to unlock their own personal wealth; we want to help groups and organisations and communities unlock the collective wealth that resides within them. Read more

What Makes A Fair Society

Simon Marriott asked to write my thoughts about ‘what makes a fair society?’. He is soliciting opinion on the matter of growing socio-economic inequality across the world and looking for ideas/ideals/mechanisms to improve civic institutions/civil society, education and to advance knowledge of rights and responsibilities, to enable people in all societies to change their own lives and communities for the better.

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The Rise of Duddingston Festival by Steve Harvey

Over the last five years I have been fortunate enough to spend much of my time, when not travelling, in Duddingston Village…

It is an ancient settlement within a green ring near the edge of Edinburgh: a place with special places – the Kirk, Dr Neil’s Garden, the Sheep Heid (reputedly the oldest pub in Scotland) – all bordered by Arthur’s Seat and Duddingston Loch…In October 2013 I went for a pint with poet John Hegley after a performance in Edinburgh. I asked him if he would come up for an event in Duddingston Village if one was organised and he said, “Yes.”

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The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas: Shifting the Axis by Karen Lawson

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is Scotland’s most innovative and ground-breaking education festival aimed at everyone who is passionate about education.

Although created, and curated by College Development Network, this two week national festival (6-19 June) provides unique opportunities for organisations and individuals (agents of change) to share and create ideas that could change our thinking and practice in relation to education. Read more