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Euan’s Guide by Kiki MacDonald

Euan’s Guide is a disabled access review website set up by Euan MacDonald and his sister Kiki.
Euan is a powerchair user and the pair were finding it very difficult to find out information on disabled access, and so they decided to set up a website to help solve this.  Euan says “the goal of Euan’s Guide is to provide a friendly, honest & empowering alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and, most importantly, remove the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting a venue for the first time.”

The Grassmarket Community Project by Reverend Richard Frazer

I am really glad you now have the bookcase. I have also put the date for your Ragged Talk into my diary. I have another meeting at 6pm that evening, but I am hoping that all being well I can slip away and join you. Meanwhile, how about the following as a we explanation of our philosophy and the Grassmarket Project ethos?…


“If developing our skills makes us happy, why do we make so much room in our lives for devices that eliminate the need to develop skills?” Carmela Federico

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Free University Brighton by Ali Ghanimi

Free University Brighton, or FUB, is a community-led initiative that organises and promotes practical and academic education – all of it free.

Established in Oct 2012, in response to the Government’s education cuts and the tripling of tuition fees, FUB is about getting people to share their knowledge and experience in social spaces and invites people to ask for things they want to learn through the website’s wish list. Read more

Participation Now and Open University

Participation Now is a new project that aims to support the ongoing development and innovation of participatory public engagement initiatives. At a time when many established public organisations and forums are in crisis and many familiar forms of public belonging are being questioned, the number of problems we collectively face appears to be increasing. Partly in response to this situation, we are seeing a growth in the number and variety of participatory public engagement initiatives that attempt to address such problems.

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Children’s University: Learning Beyond the Classroom by Mary Brittain

How do children learn? How are they motivated and inspired? How can we stimulate their curiosity, fire their imaginations, develop a desire to expand their knowledge and understanding of their environment?

Children’s University is a very simple concept: to recognise and celebrate learning that happens beyond the formal school curriculum. It is based on a number of fundamental principles: that the learning should be voluntary (self-initiated), owned by the child (self-directed), fun and interactive (self-sustained). Read more

Peoples Leith Heritage Centre Project by Sandra Marshall

My Name is Sandra Marshall. A group of colleagues and myself have put together a Community Development Project called the Leith Heritage Centre project. The steering group comprises myself Sandra Marshall (Co-ordinator), Adam McVey (Leith Councillor), Imran Hussein (Solicitor), Alexander Heron (Youth Co-ordinator), Garry Miller (Artist and Community Worker) and Colin MacDougall (Business Expert and Community Worker).

We also have an extended group of supporters/partners which includes The Leith Gallery, Living Memories, Leith, The Leith Business Association, The Arts Complex, The Persevere Community Flat, The Bugle, Bethany, ActiveInquiry, Karen Toscani, Alchemy Arts, Leith Festival, The Himalayan Centre, and Ragged University. Read more