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The Pornography of Benefits Street; Comments on Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times by Prof Sarah Green

Professor Sarah Green works in Helsinki, having moved from Manchester last August to the faculty of Social Sciences to teach and do research on Social and Cultural Anthropology. Green’s field of study, borders and border dynamics has led her to question old theories on the matter. Green sees borders more as a phenomenon that is in the minds and realities of the people who move and stay put. “I prefer to talk about interfaces rather than borders,” she says.

Here are her comments on Imogen Tyler’s Keynote lecture “Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times” which was given as the Annual Lecture for The Sociological Review on 20 February 2015. She was one of the guest speakers and reflected the importance of the content:

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Podcast: Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation

Professor Beverley Skeggs talks about Exploitation, Domination, Dispossession and Devaluation. She worked at the Worcester College of Higher Education and the Universities of Keele, York, Lancaster and Manchester before joining the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths. She has also worked in the areas of Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies as well as Sociology.

Her research interests look at the issue of value and values. How do we know what value and values are? What do they do? The study of value/s has led her through issues of respectability in class and gender formation, an exploration of symbolic value through media and cultural formations.  She uses feminist and post structuralist theory, Pierre Bourdieu and the economic abstractions of Marx, to help unpick these issues. Read more

Podcast: Classificatory Struggles; Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times by Dr Imogen Tyler

Dr Imogen Tyler talks about “Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times” for the Sociological Review Annual Lecture.   This lecture was kindly shared via the Ragged University after getting permission from the journal and the speaker.

The content of the talk is to unpack the problems surround the portrayal of poverty and disembodiment of the term class from discourse.  Starting with an analysis of popularly dubbed ‘poverty porn’ she then spends time rooting down into what language is used in reportage and what concepts are helpful to deconstruct the Neoliberal cultural shifts we are seeing today. Read more

The Medium is the Means: The Industrial-Educational Complex

Marshall McLuhan is very well known for developing communications theory, and is famously attributed with the expression “The medium is the message”, which speaks of the different affordances which each medium has for communicating information. Speaking has different affordances from writing, radio has different affordances from television, clay has different affordances from paint… Read more

John Morrison: Pop Up Lesson in Summerhall

John Morrison does a pop up lesson in Royal Dick Vet Bar, inviting George Wilson to talk about MD20 demographics, which speaks of the most deprived people of the population.  With a focus on uptake of higher education by care leavers, the discussion explores various aspects of the social, cultural and economic aspects which might influence participation in education.

John and George flesh out the subject in the setting of Summerhall, an arts and cultural centre which is working out its identity in the Edinburgh landscape.  Housing many projects, social enterprises and businesses, the arrangement of the landscape suggests many possibilities. Read more