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Photo Collection: Mad World Exhibition 2017

This is a collection of photos showing the work which was brought together that made the Mad World Exhibition in 2017.  You can read about the ideas by following THIS LINK.  The exhibition held at its heart a space where questioning of attitudes to mental health, mental illness, madness and identity was encouraged particularly in light of the Psychiatric Survivors Movement which legitimately challenges and drives forward understandings today.

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Medical Magic by Elizabeth Moncrieff

In the following discourse I shall endeavour to shed light on how, and perhaps why, a serious disease has not been taken seriously for nearly half a century. The disease is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Many people think it is the same thing as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I shall also explain why I do not believe this is the case. To achieve these goals I will give a brief history of major events in the history of this disease. Read more

Employment Support Allowance: Over 100,000 Claims Closed Following Death of Claimants by Alex Dunedin

Employment and Support Allowance is a financial premium for people who have limited capability for work because of their sickness or disability given to make sure that individuals can live a sufficient standard of life.  It is an income-replacement benefit paid in place of wages or an income which would allow them to do the most fundamental day to day things. Read more

Methodologies of Participation: Shared Anthropology, Corporate Parenting and Care Experience by John Morrison Part Two

This continues the presentation given by John Morrison exploring ‘Methodologies of Participation: Shared Anthropology, Corporate Parenting and Care Experience’. The first part contained an introduction to some of the themes and ideas which John explores and follows how he has laid out his PhD focusing on the participatory approach of Jean Rouch in Shared Anthropology.

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