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talking over coffee

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  • From Anamaria on What if Aristotle had a PC

    Too bad We. east-Europeans are not permitted into such online libraries..

    2017/04/20 at 12:35 pm
  • From Duncan Money on The Scottish Highland and Lowland Clearances; When sheep became more profitable than people by Alex Dunedin

    This looks like an interesting talk but it is only part of the story, as suggested by this sentence:

    “[Scots] wandering the earth to far afield places like north America, Australia, New Zealand and other places”

    After the clearances, dispossessed Scots were pushed out to places remote from Scotland. However, other people already occupied the places Scots ‘wandered’ to and Scottish settlers played a central role in the dispossession, and sometimes eradication, of the indigenous inhabitants of north America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

    What I would be interested in seeing is a history integrating the historical experiences of Scots who both experienced dispossession and then dispossessed others; they were both victims and oppressors.

    2017/03/28 at 9:06 am
  • From Bob Cranwell on The Issues of Patronage and Seeking Patronage: A Thought Experiment in Response

    Scrupulously thought through and passionately argued; a dilemma for any self started project, but one that ultimately requires a move. One way or the other, each mutually exclusive and a harsh bottom line.
    Perhaps you can get away with keeping the knowledge interface free and just charge for the broth to wash it down !
    Either way, all power to your elbow

    2017/01/03 at 1:55 pm
  • From peter shukie on Why Not To Chase Wealth And Status: A Community Project Perspective

    Great article and a welcome discussion around the denigrating effects of ‘trickle down’ approaches to wealth. I think that the significance of free education comes from the dislocation of a fundamental, innate human need – learning – and its relocation in common sense notions of wealth and societal injustice/ imbalance. The work of the Ragged University, COOCs amongst many others indicates a need to continue to place learning where it should be – accessible, free and open to all with a meaningful appreciation of ‘all being equal’. Sadly, institutional and state learning institutions are becoming increasingly embedded in sycophantic ‘tubing’ (new word for me, though I had heard the noun ‘a tube’ before!). Employer-led suggests the influence of wealth and maintained hierarchies, a structural recreating of wealth as the measure of value. Much less is heard of education-led or research-led employment.
    Great to have this voice being generated as an inspiration for all of us and I think it is a route to reverse the pathological conditions created by constant reliance on a wealthy, and distant, few.
    Thnaks for writing and sharing

    2016/08/19 at 11:03 am
  • From Derek Howden on Facilitating Rather Than Prescribing: The Outcome Of Measuring

    It’s very difficult to measure when we’re not sure what we are really measuring and when it’s ground level it’s in the realms of doing and nothing is thought of as measuring it at the time. Seems subjective but also successful and those two will never sit side by side on a spreadsheet 🙂

    2016/05/28 at 11:15 am
  • From 4th May 2016: What is Condensed Matter Physics ? – The Edinburgh Science Academy on 4th May 2016: What is Condensed Matter Physics ? By Gino Jabbar

    […] 4th May 2016: What is Condensed Matter Physics ? By Gino Jabbar […]

    2016/04/14 at 10:12 pm
  • From Graham Dane on The Birth of the Floating Classroom

    Hi – This looks like something we might use, especially if you’d like to leave behind a computer afterwards,that we’d make available for public use.
    I’ll try and get tot he AGM tomorrow, but have a jury duty that may go on all day.
    Graham Dane
    Currie Community Centre

    2016/02/14 at 8:54 pm