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Edinburgh Settlement

Edinburgh Settlements on Leith Walk

Edinburgh Settlement is a part of the international Settlement movement which started over 100 years ago. It forms part of a global network of social action centres which work closely with local communities, representing and responding to needs and aspirations, to promote social and environmental justice.

In late 2010, financial difficulties forced the loss of many of Edinburgh University Settlement’s established community projects. The Edinburgh Settlement continues it’s work, under the auspices of The International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres – Europe (IFS-Europe).

A core part of the continuing aim of the initiative is ensuring the safe keeping and provision of access to the extensive archives of the Edinburgh Settlement for research.  Ragged University has offered support to the continuation of the Settlements archive, partly by providing a home to digitize the Settlement archives, thus making them accessible to the public here:


  • The Forest Cafe
    Educational History: The Edinburgh Settlement
    16th September 2014
    Edinburgh Settlement, History, Other Archives
    The Edinburgh Settlement is a multi-purpose voluntary organisation with a rich history spanning more...
  • Sir David Wilkie by Sir David Wilkie
    Newsclipping: Adult Education Endowment Wanted
    26th February 2016
    Edinburgh Settlement
    Edinburgh University Settlement Work: Adult Education Endowment Wanted To support the extended work of the...
  • Winston Churchill opens Edinburgh Settlement
    6th March 1931: Winston Churchill opens the new Edinburgh Settlement extension
    17th December 2016
    Edinburgh Settlement
    Here is a photograph of when Winston Churchill opened the new Edinburgh Settlement extension...
  • 1980 Edinburgh settlement news
    1980: Edinburgh Settlement; The Need For Psychiatric Day Centres
    21st June 2016
    Edinburgh Settlement, Mad World
    The Settlement is an arm and hand of friendship which the University, as a...
  • Edinburgh
    1980 Review of Edinburgh Settlement's Policy and Activities
    12th October 2014
    Edinburgh Settlement
    This is a transcription of the 1980 review of Edinburgh Settlement's Policy and Activities,...
  • Kirk O'Field
    1933 to 1934: Edinburgh Settlement Annual Report; Kirk O'Field; An Impression
    15th March 2016
    Edinburgh Settlement
    A continual hammering, the sweet smell of wood-shav­ings, groups of men busy at a...



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