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Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty monthly meeting

27th February 2017 @ 7:00 pm
The Autonomous Centre Of Edinburgh
17 W Montgomery Pl
Edinburgh EH7 5HA
Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty monthly meeting @ The Autonomous Centre Of Edinburgh | Scotland | United Kingdom

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty holds open organising meetings the last Monday of every month at 7pm at ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA. All welcome.

ECAP organises to combat poverty on the principle of solidarity and self- activity in communities and workplaces, actively rejecting influence by any political parties. We work and fight alongside individuals facing poverty related problems and oppressive behaviour from the authorities. We also conduct wider campaigns on specific issues using the same principles of solidarity and self-activity. Our actions are practical examples of the differences we can make in our day-to-day lives by standing up for one another. But why does ECAP embrace self-activity and reject political parties?

Poverty is no natural disaster but a result of how people organise the world. ECAP considers poverty to be an inevitable part of an economic system based on exploitation and profit. The use of debt to generate profits gave this system a few more decades of supposed stability. But the current global crisis has burst that bubble and now standards of living for waged and unwaged are under attack as the true nature of an exploitative economy is again exposed.