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Ragged University: ‘Historical Manchester Sounds’ plus ‘Psychology of Dehumanization’

26th June 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Castle Hotel (
66 Oldham St
Manchester M4 1LE
Ragged University: 'Historical Manchester Sounds' plus 'Psychology of Dehumanization' @ The Castle Hotel ( | England | United Kingdom

Come along to The Castle Hotel for a bite of food, a chance to socialise and a couple of talks as well as a chance to socialise…

Manchester Sound(s); Silent Notes From the Past by Dominique Tessier

Following on from my Ragged talk on Manchester History where I explored the Mancunian branches of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron’s family tree, I’m turning my local history attentions to a musical history of Manchester, reflecting on the roots and compositions of Manchester Sound(s) and the silent notes of the past..


In the break there is some food provided and everyone is welcome to bring along an item of food to put on the table to share, and also take away what they will eat at the end. 

The Psychology of Dehumanization by Alex Dunedin

How much we relate to others as human defines how we interact with the social world and what opportunities are conferred on us.  How human we appear in the eyes of others dictates how we will be treated.  When people are stripped of being perceived as human hurt and harm is visited upon them.  At the extreme end of dehumanization behaviours we find the unspeakable atrocities of genocide where groups of people have been devalued.

Prejudices take root in apathies, and it seems that simple apathy can be enough to manifest behaviours which dementalize and depersonalize individuals.  The psychology of dehumanization is related to how we encounter the world through our experience and our senses.  Sometimes it takes as little as a question to cause someone to completely re-adjust their perception of a group of people.  This is very positive when we think of the worrying things which can come about if such ignorance is left unchecked.




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