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Solar Power & Energy Storage

22nd March 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
7 Bristo Square Conference Room, University of Edinburgh
6 Bristo Pl
Edinburgh EH8 9AL
Solar Power & Energy Storage @   7 Bristo Square Conference Room,  University of Edinburgh  | Scotland | United Kingdom

What energy source will power our vehicles in 2050? How will Renewables be integrated into new housing developments? Where will Energy Storage best be located? How has the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-op fared in its first year of operation?

Come and hear how Renewable Energy technologies are eclipsing fossil fuels and – as price of both PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels and Wind Turbines comes down and capacity increases – this ushers in a new era of distributed energy. Our speakers will introduce the topics and then we will explore all aspects of the emerging questions.

  • Robert Murphy, Edinburgh College Electric Vehicle Project
  • Jestyn Davis, Moray Estates Garden District Project
  • Speaker on emerging Energy Storage technologies and
  • Richard Witney, Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative.

1.30pm Registration and meeting people
2.00pm Introducing topic with first two keynote contributions
2.30pm Paired discussion about the issues raised
2.40pm More short contributions leading to questions identified
3.00pm Marketplace for topics needing exploration / refreshments
3.15pm Round-table conversations leading to ideas for action
4.15pm Coming together to share the ideas generated
4.30pm Close