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These are all relaxed interviews with people to get an insight into their vocation and world. It is ‘Behind The Seen’ if you like. The recordings are simple and straight forward taking in the incidental sound.

We can dehumanise people in the roles they take on and forget the value of an individual in the work and life they lead – both formal and informal. It is good to listen to people’s thoughts on what they do and why they do it.  Interviews are a good way to broaden our sense of the people which make up our world…

  • Shahid Khan portrait
    An Interview With A Development Worker: Shahid Khan
  • peter shukie
    Interview With An Educator: Peter Shukie
  • Julian Edge
    Interview With An Educator: Julian Edge
  • Ciaran Healy
    Interview With A Philosopher: Ciaran Healy
  • John Morrison
    Interview With An Educator: John Morrison
    NASOV You, Me, Seagulls and the Sea

List of Interviews