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Mad World Archive

The importance of oral history

The way we deal with behaviour is a major issue of our time as we increasingly encounter the medicalisation of people for the way they feel and act.  This online resource is a public collection where people own their own knowledge in respect to psychiatry, psychology and sociology.

This is the Mad World Archive – a collection of critical perspectives in the area of Mad Studies. Drawing on Action Research, the archive is a collection of people’s authentic personal accounts, ideas, work, opinions and experiences as they have chosen to define them….

Anonymous or named, you are welcome to contribute too.

Many and much has inspired the creation of this archive including Asylum magazine, Mad Peoples History, Oor Mad History project in the Lothians, and the Mad Matters textbook which was brought together around this emerging area of study. But specially, it is Dr Steve Tilley who shared a talk through the Ragged University which instigated the creation of this public resource… Thank you Steve.

    Photo Collection: Mad World Exhibition 2017
    17th September 2018
    Mad World, Photo Galleries, Ragged Arts
    This is a collection of photos showing the work which was brought together that...
  • socrates
    Rowland Urey talks about Psychiatry: Philosopher And Your Friend In Recovery
    14th November 2016
    Mad World
    The grown up person is not a child., the grown up person is an...
  • Julia Macintosh
    The Holding Space by Julia Macintosh
    4th August 2014
    Eclectic Articles, Mad World
    Like most people, you are not able to face more than one fear during...
  • Keep talking about mental health
    Mental Illness: First Hand Experience by Joel White
    25th July 2014
    Mad World
    What is the meaning of life? From a lot of reflection and avoidance to...
  • Spectrum in a prism
    On the Autism and Vaccine Debate Piece by Maurice Frank
    13th August 2018
    Mad World
    This was a collision between 2 meanings of autism. The word's meaning has broadened...
  • Mental Health Resistance Network
    On Antipsychiatry: Roy Bard Mental Health Campaigner
    23rd October 2017
    Mad World
    In July 2017 Asylum Magazine for democratic psychiatry had it's 30th anniversary and hosted...

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