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Working with musicians to develop some music events Ragged Music was formed by Daniel Zambas.  Ideas have been explored where local musicians play in local venues and all the money on the door goes to the people who produce the music on the night.

The philosophy being, the more live music, the better – there is too much talent around to ignore, not enough chances to listen to the talent.

Part of the Ragged Project was developed and run by a group of musicians and technicians to think about what Ragged Music means. They took the Ragged philosophy and understanding how applies it to the music industry with the aim of involving the musical arts in social capital and collaboration.  Their primary goal was to provide a platform for musicians whilst providing bridging information on various aspects of succeeding in the Music Industry.  Their aim was to utilizing available resources such as supportive venues, recording equipment and a network of artists eager to collaborate and perform to support the production of independent music.


The question we started with was simple:

‘What is your ideal world within the Music Industry?


The answers were basic…

A place to record

A venue to perform at

An audience to perform to

The opportunity to learn

“This led us to look at using our available resources to meet these basic wants. Networking with like-minded musical enthusiasts, we formed a group and set an easily achievable goal at its heart – To assist self development. The purpose of this experiment is to clarify common ideas in a coherent manner and think through what the project can do in today’s music economy.”


Ragged Music


The talent of independent artists enhances the music industry and provides a richer musical landscape for music lovers as well as for the artists and professionals who create and participate in it.

The free software Soulseek was developed as a tool to help musicians collaborate.  It is a peer to peer network with design features particularly conducive for working with others.  As they say: Soulseek is an ad-free, spyware free, just plain free file sharing network for Windows, Mac and Linux. Our rooms, search engine and search correlation system make it easy for you to find people with similar interests, and make new discoveries!


Click Here For Soulseek


Each of these musicians has in some way personally connected with the Ragged project. All play original music, are experienced in playing on a stage and working with a sound engineer, and are available for gigs…


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