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Music: Under The Dogwood Tree

Under The Dogwood Tree are an Edinburgh band headed up by Alison Lyles and William Ancell. Since 2006, when they met, they have played extensively and released their debut album which was produced and recorded in various locations across the Lothians and Lanarkshire.

The album is their own original eclectic mix blending British and American folk with trans-Atlantic influences ranging from Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Fairport Convention. Songs include a gospel chain gang song (“Twenty Pounds for Redemption”), an old-fashioned drinking song (“Werewolf Blues”) and a bluegrass waltz (“Tennessee Waltz”). Read more

Music: NASOV

NASOV is Francesco Bordo, from Italy, singing around the classic topics of folk music, such as mammals, vegetables, body secretions.

He lived in London for four years, where he got inspired by the fresh air and the relaxedness of people. He’s now based in Naples, where he keeps on writing even whilst washing the dishes. Actually, especially whilst washing the dishes. You can find all the NASOV stuff you’ve always dreamt of on:

Read more

Music: Electrobuddha

Been going now since March 2012 whereupon Mark McCaffer the founder took a Business Gateway loan of a £1000, bought an electric and semi-acoustic guitar and started a semi-professional band. Mark studied vocals at Strathclyde and graduated with honours. Drummer and 2nd band member

Graeme Proctor amasses a great history of drums and percussion and has played with many acts and genres in and around west/central Scotland. He is a graduate of North Glasgow College. Read more

Music: Stolen From A Crow

Stolen from a Crow is the unusual alter ego of Crispin Case-Leng, a singer, songwriter and poet who believes in pushing boundaries within music and performance in a quest to leave the mainstream far behind.

Influenced by a range of artists as broad as his own creative horizons, he spent his early years experimenting with diverse ideas in music and poetry. His lyrics are unconventional, with themes ranging from observations on human interactions, through to darkly comic fairy tales about werewolves and winged messengers between worlds. His instrumentation is similarly off-centre and genre-defying, dipping into seemingly incompatible areas like punk, folk and art rock, yet managing to blend them together into something new and exciting. Read more

Putting Ragged Music Into Action

The Ragged project has been formed of the people who have got involved, bringing their ideas, wants and needs to be realised over time, in and through a like-minded community.

At one point four musicians asked where music fitted with the project and they were told that it would fit wherever and however they made it fit.  The result was the groundwork of Ragged Music which was particularly headed up by Dan Zambas and Gary Boast. Read more