Action Research: Demoralisation Through Down Sourcing

This is the next part of my action research project which has been a long term study of how administrative systems are used to shape people’s lives and allocate resources for sufficiency and support needs in the UK society during the early 21st century…

BERA Abstract Interrupted: Patient Knowledge – A Medical Taboo

What follows is an abstract which was accepted by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) for their 2021 conference however due to there not being any scholarship or widening participation provisions for gaining membership to BERA, I could not afford to present it.  Whilst there are no provisions for supporting people without access to the […] Read more...

The Tragedy of the Commons People: A Marmot Overview

This presentation explores working class in terms of permissions and allowances. Making an analysis of classifications as forms of empirical topography rather than cultural insignia, this examines notions of how intersectionality and verticality play out in terms of recognition, valuation and dehumanisation.

Action Research: Deadweight Cost and Meaningful Work

What follows is the next part of my action research project analysing the effect of metrics and bureaucracies impacting on the people involved in giving support to those who need forms of help with various aspects of living.