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Recollections of John Pounds: Meeting Mr. Lemon by Reverend Henry Hawkes

Some weeks after, going to the Chapel one Sunday morning, I saw some one standing talking with the Secretary of the Congregation that I had not seen before. He was standing with his back to me; a square-shouldered man, about medium height, well-proportioned, strong-looking, erect and firm on his feet, with a prepossessing ease.

Recollections of John Pounds: I meet John Pounds by Reverend Henry Hawkes

“Well, Mr. Pounds, here you are.” “Yes, here I bes.” “Busy as usual.” “Yes I’ve always something to do.” “I’ve brought our new Minister to see you.” The old man deliberately raised his head from his work, and said. “Yer sarvant Sir:” – and fixed his large eye full upon mine, with a penetration, that […] Read more