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The idea of citizen journalism is being explored from a perspective of Global Citizenship.  Language and the freedom to talk about ideas and media in the public domain are central to the rights of individuals.  An enlightened society should have spaces in which everyone is considered a stakeholder in knowledge and the where everyone is welcome to contribute to dialogues. With this in mind, this area of the Ragged website is being developed to promote citizen journalism amongst all communities.

The Idea:

To get individuals elucidating and making clear their position on media articles and issues restoring some of the agency people have to participate in freedom of speech. This is an experiment to develop an online newspaper of a type – one which is journalistic but much more knowledge rich than the commercial media streams which may have narrowed in their focus and style, having less constraints to work within (such as word count).

It is not a platform for lobbying, evangelizing or marketing, and in the spirit of the project it is not-for-profit and holds close to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A Suggestion on How to Write an Article:

Take a 400 word excerpt from a published article, quote it verbatim, and write an article expanding the subject. Learning about the journalistic codes which have been devised, include clear references and links to knowledge resources and create your own article around that… anyone can do it, it is citizen journalism. Building into collections of social and cultural comment, this, if not to educate is to edify rather than entertain.

This is part of the Fourth Estate and it is a virtual publication of anyone who has something to share in the public domain.  Embracing a deep and eclectic meaningfulness in that it is open to anyone.

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  • Mr. Monopoly
    Natural Monopoly, Essential Goods and Regulation
    5th April 2014
    Citizen Journalism, Eclectic Articles
    If the public have a problem with the energy companies, they are first directed...
  • plastics ocean
    Is Plastic Really Fantastic? by Faith Canter
    25th June 2014
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  • United Nations
    Welfare Reforms and United Nations Report: Grave and Systematic Violations of Human Rights by UK Government
    1st April 2017
    Citizen Journalism, Sociology
    This is a video of the Inclusion Scotland launching their alternative report on the...
    Concerning the Future of Edinburgh's Central Library and the City's World Heritage Status by Simon Byrom
    7th November 2016
    Citizen Journalism
    We the undersigned, backed by over 5000 signatures of public support, wish to register...
  • Chief Inspector of Ofsted Michael Wilshaw
    Critical Apprenticeships: The Wrights and the Wrongs of Passage
    27th February 2016
    Citizen Journalism, Economics, Education
    We live in a time when the meaning of language in policyland has become...
  • monopoly
    The Energy Companies Wear No Clothes
    1st April 2014
    Citizen Journalism, Eclectic Articles
    I have written these citizenship journalism articles as I have become increasingly interested in...


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