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Yes, you're in the right place :-) It says 'Ask Question' above because that is how we put a learning resource into the library. If you read the instructions on the righthand sidebar of the page, they will guide you through the process... Thank you for contributing, get in touch if you want to be a curator. Post as a guest by filling out the fields below or if you already have an account. No details are stored or passed onto third parties.
To find the YouTube video ID you want to share go to the YouTube webpage. Look at the URL of that page, and at the end of it; copy the combination of numbers and letters after an equal sign (=). In Vimeo find the video you want; look at the URL and copy the numbers that come after the slash (/). Enter the ID below
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Select the category which you feel best suits the website you are suggesting. Alternatively, the curators will help make sure it gets into the correct category
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Try and answer the question which you are presented with when you click in the box next to 'Im not a robot'. This is a simple challenge to prevent robots spamming the Resource library by presenting a task which only a human can do. Thank you for your patience.