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Global Conspiracy to Fix Food Prices with "Bet The Farm" author Prof Fred Kaufman


Food prices have continued to skyrocket over the last generation, but the reason for it is more related to finance and speculative interest than production. In a planet that has a billion people malnourished, who is keeping the price of food beyond what people can afford? Author Frederick Kaufman joins Media Mayhem to discuss the uneven scales of the food market, how food became a commodity, and even how organic food has helped to create a food market that is unsympathizing to the needs of the starving population.

Frederick Kaufman has written about American food culture and other subjects for Harper’s Magazine, the New Yorker, Gourmet, Gastronomica, and the New York Times Magazine, among others. He has been a freelancer for years, and has published something like one-hundred magazine articles, along with four books. Frederick is a contributing editor at Harper’s, and teach at the City University of New York and CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism.


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