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Investigation Like A Pro With Paul Myers


Internet Research ClinicPaul Myers is an online research specialist who has worked for the BBC for over 20 years.  He has trained staff at the Guardian, CNN, the CIA and many other organisations. This is a masterclass he presented at a conference in Germany sharing insights on how to apply investigative journalism techniques on researching people.

The video starts with an introduction in German and then it switches to English.  This is an hour long lesson introducing a variety of tools and ways of thinking on gathering information for an investigation.




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For me, this is one of the best insights we can get into the use of the internet to gather information.  Not only does it show us how to get information on people, but it gives us a better idea of what information is held on everyone in the digital space.  This raises many questions about data and what is or should be available, but it also shows that these techniques are openly available to everyone should they want to develop their journalism.  Digital ethics and digital capabilities are two big questions of our time, and here we have a sparknote from a very well respected consultant to stimulate exploration of the issues.

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