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Rocket HubRocketHub is the foundation for the new creative economy.  For Creatives: RocketHub provides the opportunity for all Creatives to harness the power of the crowd.  We empower Creatives with the credibility & infrastructure necessary to successfully leverage the financial power of your community.  RocketHub liberates Creatives to create, connect with, learn from, and give back to the community that supports them.  RocketHub is a community where Creatives are accountable only to their fans.

For Fuelers:  RocketHub provides Fuelers with a safe, credible environment in which you can comfortably support Creatives and creative projects.  RocketHub offers Fuelers the opportunity to engage, influence and have fun with Creatives.  RocketHub gives Fuelers the ability to discover exciting projects and new Creatives.  RocketHub allows Fuelers to have a direct impact on how and if a project is completed. Also, crowdfunding platform which has the facility to embed into your website.

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