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Hi Ragged,

Thought I’d use the Wordpress as last I spoke to you it was through my Salford email account (which I’m now locked out of, having moved institutions). I thought I’d bring to your attention the upcoming Social Science Centre Manchester project (wordpress here: It’s being set up by a few of us who are interested in the idea of free higher education and non-heirarchical ways of knowledge-sharing. There’ll be a short course in a few weeks on Brexit and then an official term in September. The September term is based around meetings on Monday nights at the Friends Meeting House which will use Mill’s Sociological Imagination as the text to begin from and then expanding conversations from there. As a big fan of the Ragged Project I thought I’d let you know as it might be something your regular attendees (or yourselves) would be interested in. It’s hopefully going to be the seminar equivalent of Ragged’s lecture model. (Hopefully!)

All best,
Joe Darlington

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