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What is racism - and where does the Black Lives Matter movement come in? by Prof Anthony G. Reddie


Dialogue Society hosts a discussion by Prof Anthony G. Reddie on “What is racism – and where does the Black Lives Matter movement come in? Recollections from the US to the UK and beyond”.

Speaker • Prof Anthony G. Reddie, Professor Extraordinarious with the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Theological ethics, and, Director of Centre for Religion and Culture at Regents Park, University of Oxford

Abstract Leading heated debates through the past few weeks, the discussion around racial equality, global solidarity and critical analysis of structural features on racism both in the US, UK and beyond has highlighted grievances from BAME communities. Illustrated in our streets and public spheres this discussion with Professor Reddie intends to unpack crucial elements of the discourse and dynamics surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Firstly, what is the Black Lives Matter movement and how did it start? What are its aims and objectives? What changes are demanded – how have these become global interest, has this global interest shaped demands further? What are the key debates within the movement? And finally, does “Black Lives Matters” really mean “other lives” don’t matter – has a slogan of equality been exploited?

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