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Aggregate of Recommendations from Multiple Houses of Commons Racism Reviews

This article offers an aggregate of recommendations drawn from multiple Houses of Commons racism reviews which were highlighted by David Lammy MP.  It follows an in depth examination of Britain’s involvement in a long history of racism which you can READ HERE.  What follows is a brief introduction and a downloadable document which lists all the recommendations detailing which racism review each one came from. Read more

Britain’s Living Legacy of Racism and Prejudice: A Narrative and Review of Policy Recommendations

This article is responding in depth to the cultural questioning which has emerged through the Black Lives Matter movement especially with regards to the xenophobic discrimination of the Windrush scandal which is an act of vandalism on the institutions of democracy and the outright atrocity of the latest in a long history of incidents illustrated by how George Floyd, a black American man was killed during an arrest (allegedly for a counterfeit $20 bill) when, Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on his neck for nearly eight minutes.

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