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Inviting people to suggest a useful book and getting individuals to buy copies, they can be put in public spaces like The Blind Poet. The Ragged University project has chosen to buy a bookcase from Greyfriar’s Kirk Grassmarket Community project.

The reasoning is so that the money for the bookcase goes to a good cause, and that it links to the great history of the Ragged Schools as Greyfriar’s Kirk is where the Reverend Thomas Guthrie worked from to champion free education…


Here is the library booklist as it builds……

    Hope In The Dark suggested by Gordon Asher
    24th September 2013
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Gordon Asher – University of West of Scotland, University of...
  • The Democratic Intellect
    The Democratic Intellect was recommended by Richard Gunn
    1st February 2014
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Richard Gunn - a recently retired lecturer on...
  • Philosophy of Education
    Philosophy of Education: An Anthology was suggested by Keith Smyth
    25th September 2013
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Keith Smyth, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at...
  • My Dream Is To Be Bold
    My Dream Is To Be Bold: Our Work To End Patriarchy suggested by Jane Quin
    4th October 2013
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Jane Quin, lecturer in Social Justice Education at University of...
  • Words And Rules The Ingredients of Language
    Words And Rules: The Ingredients of Language was suggested by Dr Sarah Anderson
    29th January 2014
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Dr Sarah Anderson, Project Officer at the Beltane Public...
    Philosophy for Everyone was suggested by Professor Duncan Pritchard
    10th November 2013
    Ragged Library
    As part of the Ragged Library, Professor Duncan Pritchard FRSE, of the University of Edinburgh's School of...

List of Books





Working with the Beltane Beacon for Public Engagement and Edinburgh City of Literature to pilot, the idea is to accumulate a booklist that members of the public are encouraged to buy to be put in social places. Inside the front cover will be included the information of:

  • Who suggested the book
  • What area of life they work in
  • Where they work
  • Who bought the book for the public


 You can contribute by Clicking Here


The bookcase has been made from a pew by Greyfriar’s Kirk Community project and placed in the Blind Poet pub.  If you have a book which you want to put on the shelf, please take it along and put it on the shelf.  Let us know about the donation and we can list it on the website.


1.  Oldenburg, Ray (1989). The Great Good Place: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Community Centers, Beauty Parlors, General Stores, Bars, Hangouts, and How They Get You Through the Day. New York: Paragon House. ISBN 978-1-55778-110-9.