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Many Ragged Univerity events and activities have taken place and as many of these have been recorded for podcast.  These basic recordings are an archive of some of the activities which have happened. Here are the podcasts and recordings processed so far:


  • Tracy Griffen Fitness
    Podcast: Healthy Living in Edinburgh by Tracy Griffen
    23rd November 2013
    Ragged Podcasts
    Tracy Griffen is a Leith-based Personal Trainer and author of the Healthy Living Yearbook....
  • Carl Rosa
    Carl Rosa; The Entrepreneur Who Made Opera Popular: or From ‘Juvenile Paganini’ to Operatic Entrepreneur by Iain Fraser
    5th April 2018
    Ragged Podcasts, Ragged Talks
    Title of talk: Carl Rosa; The Entrepreneur Who Made Opera Popular: or From ‘Juvenile...
  • Coocs
    Podcast: Peter Shukie Introduces Community Open Online Courses
    27th January 2014
    Ragged Podcasts
    Here Peter Shukie introduces Community Open Online Courses, an online initiative which enables and...
  • George Monbiot
    Podcast: George Monbiot; How Did We Get Into This Mess ?
    4th April 2016
    Citizen Journalism, Eclectic Articles, Ragged Podcasts
    This podcast was recorded on 16th March 2016 at University of Edinburgh,for the Ragged...
  • philosophy of science
    Podcast: Noumenal Contouring; The Secret Of Science, The Secret Of Skill by Ciaran Healy
    11th November 2013
    Ragged Podcasts
    On the 7th of November 2013, Ciaran Healy gave a talk on ‘Noumenal Contouring;...
  • Sam Makin Pianist in Edinburgh
    Podcast: Sam Makin Plays a Grand Piano Interpreting Classic Jazz Standards
    14th June 2016
    Ragged Podcasts
    This is a podcast of Edinburgh musician Sam Makin playing a grand piano interpreting...

List of Podcasts: