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Many Ragged Univerity events and activities have taken place and as many of these have been recorded for podcast.  These basic recordings are an archive of some of the activities which have happened. Here are the podcasts and recordings processed so far:


  • Gulabi Gang Film
    Podcast: Gulabi Gang; A Discussion With The Director Nivedita Menon
    29th May 2014
    Ragged Podcasts
    These podcasts were recorded during a screening of Gulabi Gang an award-winning documentary film...
  • Carl Rosa
    Carl Rosa; The Entrepreneur Who Made Opera Popular: or From ‘Juvenile Paganini’ to Operatic Entrepreneur by Iain Fraser
    5th April 2018
    Ragged Podcasts, Ragged Talks
    Title of talk: Carl Rosa; The Entrepreneur Who Made Opera Popular: or From ‘Juvenile...
  • Lynne Sedgmore CBE
    Podcast and Transcript: The Dark or Ethical Prince; There Is Always A Choice by Lynne Sedgmore
    19th February 2018
    Education, Ragged Podcasts
    This is a presentation given at Huddersfield University at a conference on Power and...
  • Robert Burns
    Podcast: Robert Burns Subversive Radical by Kevin Williamson
    22nd May 2014
    Ragged Podcasts
    Robert Burns was a radical, subversive political dissident throughout his life. His poems push...
  • Digital Dead End
    Podcast: Professor Virginia Eubanks Talks About Digital Deadends
    20th May 2014
    Eclectic Articles, Ragged Podcasts
    "If we don't want the information age to deliver widespread economic and political destruction,...
  • Tracy Griffen Fitness
    Podcast: Healthy Living in Edinburgh by Tracy Griffen
    23rd November 2013
    Ragged Podcasts
    Tracy Griffen is a Leith-based Personal Trainer and author of the Healthy Living Yearbook....

List of Podcasts: