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Ragged Talks

Skeptics in the pub

Ragged events are about getting together in social spaces, putting our feet up, breaking bread, and enjoying learning something new.

Anyone can do a talk, you just have to love your subject.  You can talk on any subject, at any level; the point here is people animate their subject when they care about it.  It is also good to learn through teaching and discussing.  The content has to fit within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The Ragged spaces are a-religious, a-political, and a-corporate; in as much as these institutions of Politics, Religion and Corporacy occupy other primary areas of life.


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Here are some of the talks which have happened…


  • poppies for peace
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    30th Nov 2017: Lions Led by Donkeys; A Memorial to Commemorate Those Lost at the Battle of Loos by Alex Dunedin
    14th November 2017
  • mark johnson
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    16th Nov 2017: Objects, Perception and Communication by Mark Johnson
    8th November 2017
  • Harry Patch Last WW1 veteran
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    30th Nov 2017: Poppies for Peace, Films for Freedom! by Simon Byrom
    6th November 2017
  • Poppies for peace
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    12th Nov 2017: Film Screening of Poppies For Peace Films For Freedom by Simon Byrom
    6th November 2017
  • Brunswick Estate Manchester
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    16th Nov 2017: Universities as Anchor Institutes; University of Manchester and Brunswick Estate, A Socially Just Model?
    22nd October 2017
  • Yin Yang
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    26th Oct 2017: Daoism; How The World Works And How To Live In It by Jan Conway
    12th October 2017