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Ragged Talks

Skeptics in the pub

Ragged events are about getting together in social spaces, putting our feet up, breaking bread, and enjoy learning something new.

Anyone can do a talk, you just have to love your subject.  You can talk on any subject, at any level; the point here is people animate their subject when they care about it.  It is also good to learn through teaching and discussing.  The content has to fit within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The Ragged spaces are a-religious, a-political, and a-corporate; in as much as these institutions of Politics, Religion and Corporacy occupy other primary areas of life.


The inner levelMindfulnessBangladeshTalbot Rice Image


To get notification of upcoming free events join the Meetup Groups:

Click Here For Edinburgh Ragged University Meetup

Click Here For Manchester Ragged University Meetup


Here are some of the talks which have happened…


  • Talbot Rice Image
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    6th Dec 2018: Tremble Tremble and At the Gates; Tour and Discussion by James Clegg
    3rd November 2018
  • The inner level
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    26th Oct 2018: Visit, Listen, Think, Discuss, Write; The Inner Level – Author talk with Profs Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett
    23rd October 2018
  • Mindfulness
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    29th Nov 2018: Mind Management Workshop; Learn and Explore the Realistic Benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation and Self Hypnosis for Managing Your Mind by Leon Paterson
    20th October 2018
  • Bangladesh
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    14th Nov 2018: Teachers in Bangladesh; Ways of Seeing and Expressing Reality by Taslima Ivy
    2nd October 2018
  • What is Phenomenology
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    21st Oct 2018: The Art of Argumentation: Philosophy, Reason and the Universe; The Mind and the World Part II - Phenomenology by Tina Röck
    2nd October 2018
  • Talbot Rice Image
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    27th Nov 2018: The Art of Not-Knowing by James Clegg
    21st September 2018