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Science Primers


What is science ?  How do we know what we think we know ?  How do I differentiate between a good idea and one which is not so good ?  Can I really have knowledge about the world around me ?


These are some questions which are involved in science and the methods we use to reach towards scientific knowledge.  This is a collection of articles and pieces of work which try and think through the nature of science and knowledge, and arrive at tangible understandings which we can take into all areas of our lives.  Science involves a way of thinking which belongs to everyone, and particularly in this information age, can be something which we all contribute to producing.


  • Scientific Establishments and Hierarchies
    N Acetyl Cysteine in Problem Drug Use and Psychiatric Treatments: A Verbatim Science Method
    15th October 2021
    Drugs and Recovery, Science Primers
    This article explores n-acetyl cysteine as a therapeutic and continues the exploration of scientific...
  • knowledge
    Science and Knowledge
    7th February 2014
    Science Primers
    There are other methods of discovering and learning knowledge about nature, but science is...
  • presocratic philosophers
    Common Sense: A Theory of Inherent Knowledge
    11th January 2015
    About Ragged, Eclectic Articles, Education, Project, Science Primers
    ‘What can I come to know ?’. As a starting point I have chosen...
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis: Complete Literature Review and Appended Hypothesis by Alex Dunedin
    26th April 2016
    Multiple Sclerosis, Science Primers
    This is a complete manuscript created over several years investigating the medicine and science...
  • Logic-and-reasoning
    Logic and Reasoning
    24th March 2014
    Science Primers
    The meaning of reason is to question, to call to account, to hold argument,...
  • Karl Popper
    Predictions and Experiments
    16th August 2014
    Science Primers
    A corroborated hypothesis is one that has passed its tests (i.e. one whose predictions...
  • set theory
    The Common Instruments of Knowledge
    20th January 2015
    About Ragged, Eclectic Articles, Education, Science Primers
    Francis Bacon insisted we must question everything and arrive at our knowledge through our...
  • Vitamin D and the treatment of covid 19
    Exploratory Study: Vitamin D and COVID 19 - Evidence for Prevention and Treatment
    13th September 2021
    Science Primers
    This is an exploratory study based on the work that Professor Roger Seheult MD...
  • Thiamine pyrophosphate
    Prospecting Document: Molybdenum Adjunct to Thiamine Therapy in Relation to Alcohol Use
    11th August 2019
    Drugs and Recovery, Science Primers
    This is a prospecting document examining what is known about thiamine (vitamin B1) in...


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