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How Accents Work by Lauren Hall Lew

The way we speak suggests to the world something about who we are: where we come from, what our gender is, what age group we’re in, and even what kind of job we might have. The parts of our identity that most define us are often marked most strongly in our accents and voices (whether we want them to be or not). Often, the aspects of our speech that do this social signalling can be very subtle. Read more

11th Sept 2014: 'How Accents Work' By Lauren Hall-Lew

An Accent is Made up of many things

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm to listen to Lauren’s talk. Share a crust of bread, and hear the reflections she has to share…


Title of talk:

How Accents Work by Lauren Hall-Lew


Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • How accents are documented and analysed
  • How an accent cues an aspect of a person’s identity
  • The key findings from linguistic studies of accents of English
  • An uncharted area of accent and identity: politics
  • What politicians’ accents can tell us about their politics
  • What politicians’ accents can tell us about ourselves

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