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Ragged Music: Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2011

In July of 2011 Gary Boast and I were approached by Alex Dunedin from Ragged University to request help in coordinating a programme for the month of August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Dunedin had procured two venues for the entire month and wanted someone with a musical background to help him in providing an organisational approach that gave the artists not just a platform to perform, but the assurance of support throughout the process.   The philosophical ideal of Ragged Music was very simple; inclusive approach, self-led development, and sharing knowledge within the music community.

Boast and I were based in Manchester and were not familiar with the venues we were working with in Edinburgh, nor had either of us attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before. Dunedin educated us on how the festival operated and expressed the importance of a stress-free experience for the artists as one of our primary goals. Boast’s role in the initial programming of the festival was invaluable – his methodical and practical experience as a drummer and sound engineer shaped the approach with which we planned the event. Read more