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6th March 1931: Winston Churchill opens the new Edinburgh Settlement extension

Here is a photograph of when Winston Churchill opened the new Edinburgh Settlement extension in the form of Cameron House. Cameron House sits on Cameron House Avenue among public housing in the Prestonfield district of Edinburgh.  It was built in 1770 for the Dick family who were owners of the Prestonfield estate and the nearby Prestonfield House. Read more

Pioneer of the Settlement: Grace Drysdale

(In an interview with Edinburgh Evening News. 5th June 1950)

Over 2000 men and women said “thank you” to a woman who has given a lifetime’s devoted attention to their welfare at a ceremony with a family atmosphere about it in Cameron House, Edinburgh, the other evening.

They were not all there of course, for the little dining room could accommodate only 40-odd. But their representatives from the University Settlement groups at Prestonfield, Kirk o’ Field, and High School Yards crammed in to pay tribute to their inspired leader, pioneer of the Settlement and recent warden of Cameron House, Miss Grace Drysdale. J.P. Read more