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Ragged University as a Mode of Practice: Filter Bubbles and Distinguishing the Intellectual from the Political

The idea of education which I am examining in the model of Ragged University is in part an incidentalist one, in the meeting of the world. I am fiercely aware of the Filter Bubbles which structure our encounters with the world and others, particularly when we are acting in the digital realm which constitutes one of the main mediums of communication and organising. Read more

Censorship, Surveillance & Mass Infantilization by Paul Whittaker

Once upon a time we could rely on the Tories to lambast any suspicious examples of the nanny-state as quickly as they could identify them, but now, at the behest of the Daily-Mail they have concocted the most definitively nanny-state concept of all time: a system to filter the internet in order to protect the children (along with everyone else) from internet pornography.

In the wake of the Snowden leaks it is surprising how little concern and scrutiny David Cameron & Claire Perry’s attempt to install a massive censorship and surveillance program has attracted. Another piece of the puzzle which has received little comment is that this is not Cameron’s first attempt to tame the unruly internet. As well as the (rather flimsy) blockade on torrent sites there was an abortive attempt back in 2011 after the widespread rioting triggered by the police murder of Mark Duggan. Read more