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Crime, Punishment and Faith in Change by Prof Fergus McNeill

Fergus McNeill is Professor of Criminology and Social Work at the University of Glasgow in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and in Sociology.  Before working in academia he worked in residential drug rehabilitation and as a criminal justice social worker.  This is a podcast of a talk he gave exploring the issues of crime, punishment and concepts of rehabilitation. Read more

Education and It’s Relationship With Change

“The challenges of ensuring that we pass on a world fit to live in (from an environmental perspective) will require, arguably, significant transformations in the ways in which we live. To what extent can government facilitate those changes through its current systems/structures?” Susan Brown, University of Manchester

Change is ubiquitous and relentless, forcing itself on us at each turn. The secret of growth and development is learning how to contend with forces of change using methodologies which turn positive forces to our advantage, while blunting negative ones.  The future of the world is a learning future; one were learning is synonymous with adaptation and evolution. Read more