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Collaboration Between Edinburgh Palette and Ragged University by Karl Graham

Since the beginning, Edinburgh Palette has offered space and support for a diverse cross-section of artists, designers and charities, and an equally varied range of projects. We were therefore delighted when The Ragged University selected us as the venue for the Mad World exhibition. The University has a long-standing tradition of openness and inclusion, which has parallels with the core values of Edinburgh Palette. Read more

It's Who You Know

An interesting book is Social Capital; Key Ideas by John Field (ISBN-10: 0415433037), Director of the Division of Academic Innovation and Continuing Education at the University of Stirling. Social Capital is a term which has been popularised by the American political scientist Robert D. Putnam, who defined it as:

features of social organisation, such as trust, norms and networks, that can improve the efficiency of society by facilitating coordinated actions

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