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Digital Literacy Skills; Lifelong Learning by Anonymous

21st century stands witness to changing traditional learning patterns and a transition process happening in lifelong learning right now. Teaching and learning has evolved dramatically and theories like learner learning styles that were viewed as important back in 1990s are no longer considered impactful. Learning is no longer confined to formal educational institutions but it is now an open process reaching out to all in the society. My childhood learning can now be enhanced by adult learning in the community. Read more

Podcast: Real Time Document of One to One Teaching in Digital Literacies

This is the first one to one IT teaching session after moving from a group drop in model which proved to be too problematic to work with.  The podcast is a real time document of the problems an 82 year old women – Bella Stewart – encountered with using her laptop computer.  Alex Dunedin walks through the problems and solutions that were apparent at the time.  Read more

Adapting to Marginal Spaces: Floating Classrooms

After finding almost every institutional space incompatible with community education in terms of digital literacies, I have developed an idea which I call ‘Floating Classrooms’ which enable us to run free educational workshops and lessons wherever we need to. The idea of a Floating Classroom came from a mixture of the strategy of Ragged University (use available infrastructure and common technology) and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere novel which describes a Floating Market.

The Floating Market is a giant bazaar where people barter for all manner of junk and magical items in the fantastical underworld of London where it is set. The Floating Market appears in a different place each time, and in the book appears inside Harrods after the shops had closed, and then disappeared before dawn. Read more

The History of Adult Learning Project in Edinburgh: A Freirean Approach

The Adult Learning Project (ALP for short) was founded in 1979 in Gorgie Dalry in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was an initiative of the South West Edinburgh Area Team of the Community Education Service of Lothian Regional Council, led by Fraser Patrick. ALP was initially funded for three years by an urban aid grant from the Scottish Office. As a result of ALP’s success, funding via urban aid was extended for a further three years, and funding was later taken over by Lothian Regional Council, and later by the City of Edinburgh Council. Read more

Facilitating Rather Than Prescribing: The Outcome Of Measuring

In trying to get support and resources for the activities which the Ragged project is about, and in trying to find a formal structure so the organisation itself can apply for traditional means of funding, there have been a number of problems encountered.  This blog post is touches on some of the themes which recurr. Along the road, there have been crossroads where the questions get raised – “What Now ?” – Do we change the direction or way we do things to fit the prevailing culture, or do we stick to the principles we designed the initiative around ?

Read more

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas: Shifting the Axis by Karen Lawson

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is Scotland’s most innovative and ground-breaking education festival aimed at everyone who is passionate about education.

Although created, and curated by College Development Network, this two week national festival (6-19 June) provides unique opportunities for organisations and individuals (agents of change) to share and create ideas that could change our thinking and practice in relation to education. Read more