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Music: I could never do that… By Daniel Zambas

Whenever I talk to people about creating music I regular hear the statement “I could never do that”. What is it that makes people on the whole think this? Is there some magical ingredient that must be present to be a musician? I don’t think that there is. I personally feel that it is very much a learned behaviour, a language and like a language time must be spent to understand it. Read more

The Importance of Music Within Society by Daniel Zambas

Music plays a huge role within everyday society, from the advertising campaigns of corporate businesses, to live performances.  The understanding of the power music holds is vastly recognised and utilised to cause affect to an audience.

For example the recognition of specific melodies to a product becomes a trademark and is often taken from compositions that have already been established. This then creates a new culture of individuals who only recognise the composition in relation to the product, rather than the piece of music on its own merit. Read more