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Absolute Honesty by David Seagrave

I was a very small boy when my father told me how bad it was of me to lie Then he made an issue of the fact that I had confused the two meanings of  “to lie “ I had written that someone who lies is a li-ER ( I had of course made similar mistakes such as saying “sheeps “ – in trouble for NOT KNOWING the perversities of English spelling !)

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A Dynamic Asperger Arts Project by David Seagrave

I have written the texts of 2 pamphlets HANDLING ELEMENTARY CAMERAS and TROSSACHS PHOTOHIKES These require illustrations I can provide MONOCHROME enlargements taken with different types of elementary cameras for the first booklet and also monochrome enlargements to illustrate most of the Hikes in “Trossachs Photohikes “

Somewhere in my document mines I have factsheets explaining monochrome development , enlarging photographic optics the effects of filters operation of roll film cameras semi adjustable cameras fully adjustable German all metal cameras and the Zenith single lens reflex cameras Read more

Asperger Lifelong Learning by David Seagrave

In the light of my own experience I declare that lifelong learning is the only path we Aspies can take to lead us to any kind of uneasy coexistence with neurotypicals.  From available evidence my self-taught German brought about a change of state in my brain which led to taking up difficult hobby related challenges for the intrinsic joy of mastering anything difficult.

The more I practiced these techniques, the more, the exercise brought it s own reward. The fruits of my labours became almost incidental yet at the same time these models, photographs and literary works are SACRED OBJECTS. I have coined the word ENDEOFACT to denote any consequence of dedicated effort whether it be something one can handle or  a piece of music played, and supremely, loyal service, freely given.  Read more


After a conversation between Shane Harte (who did a talk about his time staying in Nepal), myself (Alex Dunedin) and David Seagrave (A unique and interesting gentlemen who comes to talks who has Asperger’s Syndrome), I found this in my email inbox to share with everyone, with his permission:

Dear Alex, Further to your proposal to stage an exhibition about the dehumanisation of society I herewith append a story JUST COMPLETED to illustrate what actually happens to ME in supermarkets – David Seagrave:

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Another Aristotle, Perhaps ? by David Seagrave

My name is David Seagrave and I was born in Devon in 1941. I moved to Lancing, Sussex in 1947 and Seaford, further up the coast in 1952. I was sent to Steyning Grammar School  as a boarder and was so desperately homesick that I wanted to die. Steyning is under an hours journey from Seaford and if you could imagine it, dear readers, if a boy from Bathgate moves to North Berwick and is dumped in a boarding school in Bo-Ness and forbidden to visit his family.

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