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How To Do Ragged University Events by Carrie Newman

Previously Ragged University events were run in Glasgow by a team of dedicated people. The primary coordinator was Carrie Newman who was introduced to the project by business partner and friend David Hughes. They, along with David Newman and Heather Sinclair took to the idea like ducks to water using their knowledge of theatre and cultural events to produce several seasons of talks (approximately seventy five events) which gripped the local imaginations. Read more

The Rough Etiquette of Ragged University

Ragged University is an open community of individuals who are interested in sharing and learning. The events are put on by coordinators who are there to facilitate.  Coordinators are not gatekeepers or overseers of ‘quality control, they are not authorities in the public spaces which the Ragged University events occur.  They are there to enable those who want to share their knowledge and passion and to work to try and make sure that everyone in the room, space or event is comfortable and happy.

An event is only a Ragged University event if it takes place outside of a formal, institutional or corporate space.  The venues and spaces which are chosen for Ragged University events Professor Ray Oldenburg describes as “Third Places”. These are public spaces which are negotiated and renegotiated by everyone who is within them; they are informal. Examples are pubs, cafes, parks and libraries. Read more