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Great Educator: Marc Bloch 1886 to 1944

Marc Bloch was born at Lyon on July 6th 1886 and educated at the Ecole Normale Superieure where he specialized in history and geography. He later taught these subjects at the Lycees of Montpellier and Agen. In 1919 he was appointed Professor of Medieval History at the University of Strasbourg until 1937 when he became Professor of Economic History at the University of Paris. His early carrier was interrupted by service in the French Army in World War I.

At the age of 53 and having fathered six children, he was again called up in 1939 where he served as a captain until his demobilization in July 1940, shortly after the fall of France. His book ‘Strange Defeat’ is an eyewitness account of the state of moral and physical prostration in which his country found itself at that time. Read more