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The Origin of Hippie in Europe 1880 to 1940 by Anne Hill Fernie

This talk was given at ‘Gullivers’ on Oldham Street in Manchester 20th April 2015 by Anne Hill Fernie, an event planned and brought together by Anne with Joseph Darlington, and assisted by Susan Brown and Alex Dunedin.

The spiritual crisis of late 19th century urban living due to industrialisation (includes mental illness/neurasthenia/self-medicating through drug taking/patent medicines etc). Reaction against materialist/capitalist lifestyle in Germany (‘Life Reform’ Movement: Karl Diefenbach (& his ‘Himmelbach’ commune 1895 – 1898), Gusto Gräser (& his founding of the ‘Ascona’ commune), Hugo Höppener (the artist ‘Fidus’) and Johannes Gutzeit. Read more