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A Short History of the Stockmarket

The stock exchange (aka stockmarket) is “A physical and electronic market in which government bonds and the securities of companies are traded regularly [1]”

In a simplified form, the stock exchange is a type of market place where entrepreneurs meet with investors to try and get finance to start their business.  The entrepreneur gives some of the equity (shares) in the company to the investor who takes on the risk.  The investor is paid dividends for taking on the risk inherent in attempting this business venture. Read more

7th July 2011: Prehistoric and Roman Roads of North Wales by Tim Prevett

Roman Roads

On Thursday 7th July 2011 from 7.30pm Tim Prevett gave his talk on ancient roads in KRO Piccadilly

Name of speaker and subject:

Tim Prevett


Title of talk:

Prehistoric and Roman Roads of North Wales


Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

  • The Topographical challenges of North Wales
  • Development of Prehistoric Routes
  • Recognising a Prehistoric Route 5,000 years after it was marked
  • Particular Prehistoric Routes
  • Arrival of Roman(ised) Roads
  • Particular Roman Routes
  • Brief pondering of the further history and future history of roads

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A Potted History of Horseracing

The history of horseracing was something I was asked to look into by a friend, Roy, who was trying to understand the social elements which occured around the sport.

I am still seeking any references in literature about what activities went on around this spectacle so please let me know if you find any. It seemed quite interesting so I thought I would share it with a broader audience: Read more

14th Dec 2010: Greek Myth by Heather Rae and Ayurveda by Diana Kras

The Wise Monkey

On Tuesday, the 14th December, 2010 the following talks were put on in The Wise Monkey (508 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 HDL) between 8:00pm until 10:00pm…

“Mythology of Greek Monsters” with Heather Rae

Greek Mythology has been around for a very long time and monsters feature in the corpus of both literiture and art.  I find Monsters interesting for their bodies, behaviour, and the way they can reflect and invert cultural norms. They are even used to question concepts of monstrosity and heroisim. I am looking at these issues and others in my PhD on Classical Monsters.  I shall be talking about Medusa, Scylla, and Giants.

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