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19th June 2014: Give And Ye Shall Receive by Joel White


Come along to The Castle Hotel at 7pm to listen to Joel’s talk. Share a crust of bread, and hear the talk he has to share…


Title of talk:

Give and ye shall receive

Joel White


Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:


In my talk I will explore, with the audience, the following:

  • What is giving? I’ll explore various notions of giving, derived from relevant sources;
  • I’ll look at the act of giving and different types of giving, drawing on examples from well-known people. Do come along with your own examples;
  • I’ll look at what I consider to be a few myths misconceptions about giving, exploring some of the following with this aim:
  1. ‘We already spend a vast amount on foreign aid’;
  2. ‘The money we have spent has had little or no effect’;
  3. Giving is all about money;
  4. Giving and Instant gratification;
  5. When I give what do I receive in return?
  • I’ll engage you in a final activity based on the giving and receiving of positive written comments from others to take away and remember. Read more