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Welcome to the Ragged University By Adam Smyth

If you go down to the pub today you’re in for a big surprise. No,  I’m not talking about getting a kicking from the local thugs who claim the bar as their patch. Instead, imagine the scenario: you walk into a Glaswegian bar  and lay eyes upon a group of students inside. No surprise there you might think.

But what if you saw that they were attending a talk on the merits of Pride and Prejudice, or how Dialectograms are important to our Urban history or even how Hip Hop’s roots started off in gang warfare? Welcome to the Ragged University By Adam Smyth. Read more

Citizen Journalism

“In short, to overstate the point only slightly, because people don’t really know why they do what they do, they give explanations of their own behavior that are about as reliable as anyone else’s, and in many circumstances actually less so.”

Kwame Anthony Appiah


The idea of citizen journalism is being explored from a perspective of Global Citizenship.  Language and the freedom to talk about ideas and media in the public domain are central to the rights of individuals.  An enlightened society should have spaces in which everyone is considered a stakeholder in knowledge and the where everyone is welcome to contribute to dialogues. With this in mind, the Glass House as an area of the Ragged website is being developed to promote citizen journalism amongst all communities.

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